Cooper Mojsiejenko:


Cooper Mojsiejenko:

Cooper comes from a family deeply rooted in sports.  Nine of his family members were all-state high school athletes - seven of them have been college athletes and two have played professionally.

In high school, Cooper was an all-state football punter, kicker, and wide receiver.  Dozens of Big Ten, MAC, and Ivy League schools, reached out in correspondence.  Cooper chose to play football at Central Michigan University.

He received a bachelor's degree in engineering technology, majoring in construction management with a minor in computer science.  Cooper was also an All-Academic college athlete.

Much of Cooper's spare time is spent indulging in big data projects, computer designing inventions, architecting data analysis software, and much more – all in an effort to innovate computer technology applications.

Tony Williams:


Tony Williams:

Tony's high-performance background is disciplined and innovated he has been successful both executively and athletically.

Tony is a technology professional with 5+ years of involvment in the corporate innovation world.
In 2017, Tony won the Whirlpool Innovation Award Winner for pitching product innovation technology.

In high school, Tony was n all-state wrestler and state champion baseball player.  His wrestling success sparked interest from college programs all around the country.  Tony chose to wrestle at Stanford University.

He is currently finishing up his last year for a Bachelor's in computer science, specializing in artificial intelligence and electrical engineering.

From the start, Tony seamlessly understood HNA Live’s vision for hyper-active development, making it easy for him to intrinsically focus on continuously engineering innovation, tailored and requested by HNA Live customers.

Zach Oakley:

Growth & Sales

Growth and Sales Specialist - Zachary Oakley

Zachary Oakley:

Zach comes from a very diligent military family with an extremely successful athletic background.

He was an all-state athlete in two separate sports - track and football.  Zach was Indiana's 6A high school player of the year as a senior.  His competitive high school success led to several offers and opportunities to play all across the country. He chose to play football at Central Michigan University.  Zach was an All-Academic MAC college athlete.

Zach graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), specializing in sales - merchandising - marketing operations as well as a precedent masters in business administration (M.B.A).

After graduating in 2018, he joined Patrick Industries Inc., our nation's leader in manufactured Boats and RVs.  For the last four years, Zach has been a corporate trainee and strategist, plant manager, salesperson, and much more.  Zach has racked up 10,000+ hours optimizing manufacturing plants, finding the issues, and solving the most critical problems.

Meet Owen Brown, HNA Live's Corporate Strategy and Growth Intern

Owen Brown:
- Investment banking and finance research
- Technology startup development
- Program operation
- Business accelerators
- Colorado College - Mathematical Economics major

HNA Live's Team:🏆

Meet Brenda Swiney, HNA Live's financial advisor & fractional CFO.

A master in the financial craft, Brenda has worked in the industry for decades, upbringing technology companies such as Nokia, Hitachi, Dell EMC, and many more.

Brenda Swiney:
- 20+ years of financial and operational experience
- Accounting, financial reporting
- Planning and analysis, contract negotiation
- Venture equity and debt
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Taxation, investor relations
- Human capital management

Meet Zebrafi Sales: Sales/Training/Growth

Zebrafi and HNA Live work in synergy with CRM platform CEO Jeff Koser and President Brian Gallagher.

Their servicing ensures all customer relationship management and HNA Live sales training is on key with case conclusion HNA Live service value results.

Zebrafi and HNA Live work in synergy with CRM platform CEO Jeff Koser & President Brian Gallagher.

Jeff & Brian - Zebrafi Sales:
- 30+ years’ of experience | CRO |
- Manufacturing technology sales
- Customer relations management – cloud-based software

Meet Velodyne Lidar, HNA Live's 3D Sensor Equipment Partner Provider.

Velodyne has one of the most powerful technologies for lidar, and it has resourceful international relationships with lidar innovation and advancements.

It is continuously advancing its sensor technology, ensuring HNA Live's customer data collection is as advanced as enabled.

Velodyne Lidar:

- 3D spatial data collection

Meet SECOMIND AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning

HNA Live's innovative tech team works with Ajay Malik, SECOMIND.ai CEO.

SECOMIND.AI is HNA Live's provider for cloud development task forces, helping HNA Live customer digital builds.

vative tech team works with Ajay Malik, SECOMIND.ai CEO.

Ajay Malik - SECOMIND.ai:

- Artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning
- AWS full-stack cloud development

Meet Tim King: Accountant/CPA

Tim's Slim Accounting team takes care of HNA Live's accounting and finance duties.

Tim King, HNA Live's Accountant/CPA

Tim King - Slim Accounting:

- 10+ years in financial services
- Accounting operations
- Financial reporting
- SEC reporting
- Regulatory reporting
- International consolidations
- System conversions

Meet Jon Lavietes: Public Relations/Analyst

Jon takes care of HNA Live's public relations, showing the world what HNA Live looks like innovatively and transparently.

Jon takes care of HNA Live's public relations, ensuring the world what HNA Live looks like innovatively & transparently.

Jon Lavietes:

- 20+ years of’ experience – PR
- Analyst relations
- Technology copywriting veteran

Meet Robyn Williams: Law

Robyn Williams practices intellectual trademark law at Devlin Law Firm LLC.

Devlin Laws team of 30 works in close arrangement with HNA Live, ensuring exceptional legal protection.

Robyn Williams practices intellectual trademark law at Devlin Law Firm LLC. Devlin Laws team of 30 works in close arrangement with HNA Live, ensuring legal protection at all case-level.

Robyn Williams:
- 15+ years of’ experience in law
- Risk analytics
- Business operations
- Intellectual property law
- Trademark practice group co-chair– Devlin Law Firm

Meet Alden M. Porter III (aka Coach Alden), HNA Live's manufacturing and corporate finance advisor.

HNA Live's manufacturing & corporate finance advisor.

Alden Porter III:
- 20+ years IT/corporate finance experience: Ford Motor Company
- Global IT analyst
- Global IT manager
- Franchise owner
- Licensed financial professional

Meet  Jon Flatt, one of HNA Live's partners advocating our current equity raise.

Jon is a true entrepreneur and pioneer in the fast-growing world of online advertising.

Jon Flatt:
- 10+ years participating in the generation of over $400 million in digital revenue
- 2x INC 500 CEO
- Founder and former CEO of RED McCombs Media AKA RMM Online

Meet Stuart McFaul, HNA Live's Executive Marketing Advisor.

Stuart was the marketing strategist for True Knowledge, whose product is now known as Amazon's Alexa. He is currently CMO at Puffco.

HNA Live's Executive Marketing Advisor.

Stuart McFaul:
- 20+ years of CMO experience
- Empathy-based marketing expert behind billion-dollar brands
- Market-changing acquisitions of purpose-centered companies

Meet Parker Mojsiejenko, HNA Live's Engineering Advisor.

Parker Mojsiejenko:

- 8+ years of electrical engineering/OEM systems
- Automation integration: JR Automation
- IoT software
- System design
- Process improvement

Meet Brad Brackel, HNA Live's Executive Technology Advisor.

Brad Brackel:
- 10+ years of corporate technology experience
- 3D Modeling, Geospatial mapping, Lidar application
- Industrial real estate - Data analytics
- Artificial intelligence integration
- CEO at Pikes Peak Cargo Secure, Inc.

Meet Alex Mendik, HNA Live's Commercial Real Estate Advisor.

Alex Mendik:
- 10+ years in commercial real estate experience
- Real Estate Technology Consultant
- PropTech
- Consultant at www.MendikAM.com