HNA Live - FAQ's?:✋👍

How Does HNA Live Collect Its Data?

HNA Live’s first step within both servicing applications is big data collection. Collecting everything possible via lidar sensors to then integrate real-time computer vision techniques into our clients' data to continuously gain insight and analyze.

What Is Lidar?

Lidar is a sensing method that uses light and lasers to collect spatial data in 360 degrees and returns an easy-to-view 3D map of the area recorded. HNA Live partners with Velodyne Lidar, the world's leading lidar sensor supplier.

How Does Lidar Work?

Lidar measures the distance light travels by timing the light as it returns to the sensors after bouncing off things in the environment. Lidar administers everything captured in 360 degrees and converts the data into something called “cloud points”. HNA Live uses lidar that collects over 2.5 million “cloud points” per second.

Lidar is HNA Live’s methodology for accurately collecting our customers' environmental data which we analyze continuously in real time.

How Many Sensors Are Required Per Service?

The amount of sensors needed depends on the working environment being serviced. The sensors HNA Live utilizes cover around 300 meters in radius - 360 degrees. Typically HNA Live uses top-notch, industrial-grade sensors.

Where Does HNA Live Service?

HNA Live provides servicing across the country. We have collected and serviced in areas as far apart as Knoxville, TN, San Francisco, CA, and South Bend, IN with plans to digitally transform the manufacturing and real estate industry in our entire country.

What Does HNA Live Stand for?

HNA stands for "Hour Nation Archive" as we capture, visualize, and optimize our nation's live data with new dimensions of data analytics., ensuring all insight is accurate, relevant, and important. We comparatively analyze every aspect of our nation's big data.

How Much Does HNA Live’s Manufacturing Service Cost?

HNA Live manufacturing service prices are determined on a facility by facility basis. All plants are proportionately priced based on size, variables, and applicable case studies within the work environment. Reach out to HNA Live via our contact page to get an accurate quote today and a better plant for tomorrow. HNA Live typically looks for annual $100K USD partner service agreements, yet please reach out regardless as customization is our prodigy!

How Does HNA Live Present Customer Data?

HNA Live provides all services with secure visualization in digital portals. These portals provide clients with explorative 3D analysis and easily digestible versions of their complex datasets. The fastest visual comprehension speed for all your big data at once is HNA Live's oriented goal.

All data is fastened with real-time artificial intelligence and machine learning application, making sure experts see the most important data changes that are relevant towards impact. Our partner,, keeps us in digital real time as HNA Live continues to further innovate your customer portal.