A New Dimension in Data Analytics

Join us in a new dimension for real estate and manufacturing data analytics.

Engineering tech solutions for manufacturing and real estate experts by designing the perfect co-existence between big data, 3D-modeling, real-time analysis and intelligence systems.

HNA Live combines spatial data with other relevant proprietary data sets and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to extract actionable knowledge.

We deliver true digital transformation by using next-generation IT-based services to help manufacturers solve age-old problems that can’t adequately be addressed by employees today and arm real estate agents with new depths of insight into current and prospective properties in their surrounding area.

This information is portrayed in an intuitive, user-friendly 3D representation, where manufacturers and realtors can use it to transform their business.

The system is designed to work on a very specific micro-level, such as helping real estate professionals cover larger areas with richer information, for any size work environment, from manufacturing projects in singular plants to entire civic planning projects spanning multiple streets.

Founded in 2018: Established as a Delaware Corp in 2021: HourNationArchive, Inc. aka HNA Live – hna.live.

HNA Live is designed to scale to any size or space and any number of metrics:

Three digital visualization frozen spots that HNA Live service provides within.

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