About Us

HNA Live Manufacturing

HNA Live serves as a partner to plant managers, helping them visualize, track, streamline, and improve everything related to the factory space, including the workers, machines, processes, and materials. We deliver true digital transformation by using next-generation IT-based services to help manufacturers solve age-old problems that can’t adequately be addressed by employees today and continuously evolve to stay ahead of new challenges that arise over time.

Using lidar sensor technology, we collect spatial data pertaining to your entire workspace. We then create a 3D representation of everything in your plant and augment it with real-time analysis of other pertinent data sets to continually deliver insights into the thousands of moving parts associated with a manufacturing environment.

By applying modern Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics to geospatial data, HNA Live unlocks a variety of new ways to reduce costs and significantly increase efficiency. Examples include:

• Material waste reduction – Instead of resorting to manual trial-and-error methods to calculate appropriate mold sizes, HNA Live’s geospatial analysis delivers the correct specs in one shot, saving precious time and money in wasted materials and design cycles

• Preventative safety monitoring –Sensors compare temperatures of individual machines and the work area, sawdust levels in the air, and other variables that are undetectable to the human eye in order to spot potential hazards before they put your plant and workers in peril

• Process improvement – Get to the bottom of why one part is taking 30 minutes longer to get through an assembly line

• Asset tracking – A graphic rendering of your plant can help track the whereabouts of thousands of physical tools and parts that are in constant use

• Plant layout – We illustrate the most efficient arrangement of machines, storage units, materials, and other physical objects, considering the large buildings, heavy worker foot traffic, moving vehicles, junkyards, and other space considerations that characterize the complex manufacturing plant environment

Plant managers access all HNA Live data feeds through an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard on their phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops at any time.