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Digital Space: A New Dimension in Data Analytics

HNA Live Manufacturing:

HNA Live's digital twin with LIDAR and other data collection technologies helps optimize manufacturing and reduce waste in time, energy, and materials. Our goal is to make manufacturing smarter and easier for executives to observe, visualize, and compare data from many different plants globally and direct teams for corrective action, possibly in real-time, without losing valuable time in travel and bureaucracy. HNA Live cloud solution captures real-time operations data.


With increased data access, HNA Live's Dashboard provides actionable insights by providing data sets for active operations from the manufacturing floor. HNA.Live provides uncharted data insight technology ,brings performance efficiencies, and removes operations, safety, and quality bottlenecks, thus creating smart spaces.

Our data analytics solution architect’s robust 3D visualization portals to easily digest data so that an executive can compare plants, and operations globally. Our platform can deliver valuable insights for enhancing operational efficiency, reducing waste, and improving worker safety.


HNA.Live provides uncharted data insight technology for manufacturing executives to get visibility of their globally distributed plants to solve complex problems like the virtual elimination of material waste in asset production, plant layout optimization, advanced preventative safety alert systems, and corporate measurability. The 360-degree real-time visibility of their globally distributed plants is at their fingertips from their mobile device or laptop. It saves them expensive time from the travel of self and team, meetings to compare notes, lead time before action is taken, and providing recommendations.


Now, teams can work on managing exceptions and improving bottlenecks, and work on the strategic and foundational stuff that can reduce costs, improve throughput, and enhances quality. Compare plants, learn from each other, and implement best practices from one plant to another.


A bleeding-edge technology offers real-time analysis of the active environments with deep granularity. The technology continuously adds small data and uncharted variables with daily observatory loops, computer vision, and data collection.